HOW TO get in touch?

How to work with me:

– hotel/restaurant reviews

– event invitations

– press trips

– social media coverage

– hosted competitions and giveaways

– sponsored posts

– long-term sponsorship

– selective product placement

For general enquiries, blog reviews and event invitations please contact me via email.

Due to the high volume of emails I receive, I cannot always guarantee an immediate response, but I do endeavour to reply to all of my emails, within a one week period.

For questions, collaboration or sponsorship inquiries write me to:  or just use the form below:


The pictures available on this site are property of The pictures can only be used with prior consent of the author and they have to be linked back to this blog. It is forbidden to use them for commercial reasons. 

Any reviews featured on this blog will be honest.
I will not pay any postage and packaging or any hidden costs. I will not be responsible for damaged or lost in the post. All items will be given a reasonable and real review whether it is positive or negative. All reviews posted will be shared on various social media that are owned by me. All products sent to review must be new, unopened and unused otherwise the review shall not take place.


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