London|The place where the accent itself is an aphrodisiac

EN:    London inspires me. I hear ladies in their mid 40`s talking about brands. “You know KIKO? That italian brand? “

“There you can find some very good products at a reasonable price. “

All of them are blonde, wearing shoulder-length hair and high heels. 

The women are so well dressed. They wear black over the knee coats with matching dresses. All black outfits, including Michael Kors bag and stilletos. Here, everybody travels with the underground/overground. Easy and simple. So are we. We`re dropping the car, we pay the parking place for one day and there we go! Everything is on fast-forward here. Life, emotions, the thrill of living. I love it. I just can`t get enough of the city pulse and its energy. 

I get my batteries recharged in here from all these people smiling at me. They are so cute. Everything is so different from Romania. Everyone is happy, and that`s perfectly understandable. It`s freaking London! Here, I feel as I was living in a never-ending holiday, although It has that cozy feeling from home. It`s perfect. We`re heading Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace to take some photos for you, guys. I can`t stop taking photos of everything here…

The women are talking about New York`s skyline and its beauty. The son of one of them is going on a trip next week there. I`m thrilled about their conversation, but my love stops me: ‘ It`s Hype Park Corner. Let`s go! Hurry and mind the gap!’

The underground station rocks. The walls reveal the english battle stories.

Outside. City pulse. The French, English and Italian people. Every single one caught by the vibrant city. You can literally feel the pulse. One shot of Costa and they are off to go. The city itself is the final destination. The buildings are eye-catching. We cross the Hyde Park, Green Park and then we arrive at The Queen`s Palace. Everybody is trying to take the best pictures ever, spotting all kinds of tourist attractions. ‘Baby, I need a picture here, and here, and here…’ Oh, my! I need a mind controlling camera. It would make my life so much easier.

We`re heading now one place with white-washed buildings and villas, but meanwhile we take a stop to Victoria station. My love tells me it is one of the crowdiest here, in London. Full of clothing shops, food, people and so on.

‘It looks like a fancy neighborhood’, I said regarding the Victoria area we kept on going. All the vintage houses and hotels were refurbished. ‘It is, indeed’, he replies. ‘We can go and visit The Royal River Thames while freezing a little bit…’ 

But, We end up in a nice and warm place, we had dinner and then we went for the car. 

Once we got to the car, we set the gps – destination:home and selected the music that gave us a warm feeling until home.

It was a great day and London, once again gave us the chance to enjoy everything, including a little bit of sun, but as always the wind was omnipresent (normal thing)

The sunset was absolutely stunning, choosing to paint the sky like Monet did…



RO :     Londra ma inspira. Aud doamne pe la 40 de ani cum vorbesc despre branduri. “You know KIKO? That italian brand? “

Toate sunt blonde, cu parul tuns pana la umeri si tocuri. 

“There you can find some very good products at a reasonable price. ” 

Femeile sunt gatite. Poarta paltoane negre care le ajung la genunchi pe sub care au rochii asortate si ciorapi. Negri. Geanta neagra Michael Kors si stilleto. Aici toata lumea circula cu metroul. E mai rapid asa si mai comod. La fel facem si noi. Lasam masina intr-un loc, platim parcarea si o luam spre metrou. Totul se deruleaza pe fast forward aici. Viata, emotiile, trairile. Imi place. Nu am sa ma satur vreodata de atata energie. Ma incarc de la oamenii astia care mereu imi zambesc daca privirile ni se intalnesc sau isi cer scuze daca ma ating sporadic. E altfel. Lumea e fericita si are si de ce. Doar e Londra!!!  Ma simt aici ca si cum as fi in vizita mereu, neverending visit si totusi are ceva din familiaritatea de acasa. E perfect. Noi ne indreptam nerabdatori spre Hyde Park si Buckingham Palace sa facem niste poze pentru voi. As poza incontinuu orasul asta.
Femeile din fata mea vorbesc despre New York si New York’s skyline. Fiul uneia merge peste o saptamana acolo. Ascult fascinata povestea pana ma intrerupe Gabi: “E Hyde Park Corner. Ne dam jos. Hai! Hurry up! “

Statia de metrou e foarte tare, pe peretii ei stau povestile luptelor duse de catre englezi. Iesim apoi in strada. City pulse. Francezi, englezi, italieni, toti prinsi in mrejele orasului agitat. Mai iau o gura din cafeaua de la Costa, mai fac un pas, mai admira o cladire. Intru in jocul lor frenetic. O gura de Evian, o privire admirativa la monumentele impozante de peste drum, trecem de Hyde Park, ajungem la Green Park si apoi la Palat. Toata lumea incearca sa prinda in poze cel mai bun unghi. “Iubitu, fa-mi o poza aici, si una aici, si aici… Off. Vreau un aparat foto pe care sa il controlez cu puterea mintii. Ar fi mult mai simplu.”
Ne indreptam apoi spre o parte a orasului cu cladiri vintage albe, gri, crem si intram in Victoria station, una dintre cele mai aglomerate din Londra. E plin de magazine si de lume (ar fi socant sa nu fie ). Continuam cu zona Victoria. Toate cladirile vintage sunt renovate aici. “Pare un cartier select, remarc eu”. 
“Am putea merge pe malul Tamisei, sa inghetam putin, riposteaza el”. 

Am sfarsit intr-un loc unde am luat cina si ne-am indreptat apoi spre masina.

Odata ajunsi, setam gps-ul sa ne duca acasa si alegem muzica care sa ne insoteasca.

A fost o zi care ne-a dat ocazia sa ne bucuram de soare si de Londra (cu vantul aferent, bineinteles).

Apusul a fost si el remarcabil, alegand sa coloreze cerul intr-un tablou similar cu cele a lui Monet.
















































19 thoughts on “London|The place where the accent itself is an aphrodisiac

  1. I’ve lived in London for five years now and I never get bored of it, there’s so much to see and do here. I love how cosmopolitan it is – just about every nation and ethnicity is among its population. Your pictures are great and atmospheric too – good job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah your photos are great, London is such a busy place where many people frown on the fact that it is so hectic – which is why it’s so great that you have managed to see it from a different point of view !

    I love your writing style, direct and entertaining 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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