The breast implant alternative|Upbra

A boob job minus the surgery? I present to you The Upbra bra!

Have you ever thought about a breast augmentation? Think again! I Upbra is the perfect alternative to that. Why? Here are only few reasons:

  • It`s way cheaper!
  • You don`t need a recovery period
  • Instant amazing results

I was yesterday waiting for several packages when the mailman ringed the doorbell and told me he has a special delivery for me. Yeeey. So exciting! When I opened the big white box,  I was so impressed discovering the perfect nude bra. So classy! And the pink heart on the package. Instant, true love at first sight. This is how I felt when I opened the box and saw this bra.

A perfect shade of golden-ish nude that compliments your skin so good and makes you think about getting a tan back in Tenerife, Dubai, Cancun or Mexico. A swimwear collection with this bra`s characteristics and results would definitely ROCK, guys! Oh, you can tell I really need an escape (can`t wait for my honeymoon trip!)

I used to wear high end bra brands before, but I was never so fascinated by one. Why? Because apart from being the perfect shape and color, the way it works it`s unique. I could not get this cleavage from any other bra. And it`s so comfortable to wear. But I will tell you about that in a future blog post.

I only want to emphasize the fact that my husband told me my new boobs are incredible (they are not new, still my old boobs though:)) and he felt for me again, my mother wants to order her own Upbra, and all my friends told me I should definitely go with this bra on my wedding day, this summer (no need to hear that, it`s my new love anyways, and will obviously wear it on my BIG DAY to look marvelous, although I think I will order a white one, just to be sure:)).

So girls, this is your chance to get it if you have an important event to attend and want to look outrageous, with a 10% OFF using this code: WB-10P-14

You can wear it strapless and it will stay put. I promise you! My wedding dress is also strapless, so this bra should be perfect for it.

Also, their customer service is fantastic. I ordered a bra that went a little bit too small for me as I am between sizes and they sent me out another one in a snap. You can ask them anything, and if you are not sure about the size they can help you out. Although, their website is so usefull and well structured, giving you all the information that you need in a second.

Tha bra comes into the three basic colors: black, white and perfect nude love ❤ and two different types: The Convertible Upbra® Bra and The Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Upbra® Bra, both amazing, both can be worn as strapless bras, the only difference is that the last one has some silicone in the band of the bra to keep it up.

Technically the Convertible Upbra® Bra is stable too, as you can see has those little heart-shaped silicone patterned things.

So guys, spread the news! This is, as I stated before, science (or magic, who knows?)in a bra. Also if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return merchandise within 30 days for an exchange or refund.

Next Friday`s post will include some before and after shots wearing this bra and the answer to the question: `How does it work?`, so stay tuned! There are so many things to be said about the bra, I cannot put them into a single post.

Until then, please visit their website, here, for any information, including price information, and don`t forget to use your 10% OFF with the code WB-10P-14.














5 thoughts on “The breast implant alternative|Upbra

    1. I have had a BBA and my older slef probably wouldn’t of done if products like this were available as I had 2 ops to correct a burst implant. Cosmetic surgery comes with lots of complications and the risks are higher than what people imagine and they always think that it won’t happen to them, I am a nurse and I still thought that. Whilst I’m happy with my revision op, products like this should be advertised more and more available to purchase. Although I’m still not against the idea of cosmetic surgery this is a great options for someone thinking of having it done, cos breast augmentation is the gift that keeps on giving, wearing shirts can be a problem because the bust is out of proportion with the rest of the body, on the other hand, bigger busts look great in dresses and other attire.

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