Float to another dimension|Floatworks

ENG: Hello, beautiful people! This post is all about our surprising floating experience at  The Floatworks.  We were invited to try out their incredible services and share with you, some of the things we felt there.

First impression? Mind-blowing. Literally. The appointment was made for Saturday night, around 7p.m. (they also have a brilliant email remainder, so don`t worry!)

This place has been opened recently. How can you find them? They are very close to the Vauxhaull station, in a residential area, near the river Thames. You can enter their website, www.floatworks.com and search for all the details needed, including a phone number you can call and book an appointment. It is very well structured, so you`ll find the answer to your questions, here.

How was the experience? Completely relaxing! As soon as we stepped into the reception room, we were welcomed by some very nice and friendly people, who explained everything we needed to know before we were led to our floating room. It is a very private experience as you have your very own room to enjoy.

Thank you, again for the appreciation words regarding our blog. It means the world to me.

So, the room has a huge pod (meaning you won`t feel claustrophobic), a quality shower, towels, ear plugs, robe, organic toiletries, and a lockable door in the room. Very private, as I said. The salty water is heated to skin temperature (35.5°C) and the environment in the tank is controlled so that the air is also skin temperature. Once you are settled, it is impossible to tell which parts of your body are in the water and which are not.

The light in the room is incandescent, deep blue, and the music is just perfect. Chillout, my type of music.

Really now, what would be your first thought when you step inside?  A summer holiday, far enough, a beach, sand, sea. Am I right? Honeymoon, please come already!

Let the adventure to another world begin!

I take a quick shower, insert the earplugs, lock the door, enter the tank, close the pod, listen to some good music, close my eyes, lie back effortlessly, and say goodbye to gravity. I`m floating now.

I`m thinking about summer, and then, I stop. I set my brain on stand-by and stop thinking and worrying about anything. I just listen to music I can`t hear anymore at a certain moment. The pod light is blue. Gabriel told me there are several colors you can choose from. Dope! I stayed at blue, it`s so relaxing. My mind is sailing to an alternate universe, where all the action is happening under water. I picture the ocean creatures around me, dancing in a perfect synchron and communicating with me. It`s so nice here and I feel like a little mermaid. I don`t wanna leave this place.

 I love this incredible feeling of spaceless and timeless. Just me and my rested mind. If you turn the lights off, all your senses disappear and you gain that floating sesation. We didn`t sleep, perhaps because we didn`t want to waste a second of this unique experience but we felt incredibly peaceful with the shut off sensation of the brain.

Before going to Floatworks we had an entire day documenting about this process.

It is highly recommended not to smoke just before you float, cigarettes are a stimulant so best to avoid right before, you might find you don’t need one afterwards. Also avoid caffeine for a few hours before, it takes the edge off the zen and can prevent you getting into the meditation zone. Eat a light meal a few hours before, floating after a banquet or on a full stomach isn’t a good idea.

Leave yourself some time to enjoy the experience, head to the chill-out room and enjoy a fresh cup of herbal tea afterwards.

All I can tell you is: go and see for yourself! It will be the experience of your life, especially if you work in a stressful environment. My husband is a project manager, a position that implies responsibilities and under pressure work.

From time to time he needs to relax and the people from Floatworks gave us that oasis of tranquility.

It is such a pleasant experience that can be enjoyed by both women and men, at the same time (especially if they are in love with water).

I want to mention that, although I have claustrophobia, I did not have a problem being in this tank, as long as the light was on.

Another thing I noticed after being in the pod is the improvement of  my skin`s texture, diminishing the acne (the solution inside contains 525kg of magnesium rich Epsom-salts and  creates an environment similar to that of the Dead Sea but without the sensation of temperature or movement, which lets you float effortlessly on the surface of the water, enjoying a feeling of total freedom & weightlessness; very good for your muscles, too).

Here are some great benefits of the floatation therapy:

– eliminates fatigue, improves sleep

– boosts immune function, energises and revitalises

– increases creativity, problem solving

– decreases the production of cortisol, ACTH, lactic acid and adrenaline

– speeds up rehabilitation and recovery

– improves circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients

Best part? As soon as the therapy ended we went upstairs to the Hollywood room, where we could use the hair dryer and straightener. We headed afterwards to a room, a portal to another world. The chillout music perfectly complemented the overall picture; the tea with suggestive name on it, the comfy sofa, everything suggested a place where you could forget about your worries and step outside the restless world. Magic, indeed.

Final thoughts? Both of us at the same time: a nice experience we would definitely recommend to anyone. We would love to come back, guys!

The price for a floating session is 55 £/person, but they have many offers you can enjoy.

Good news: if you book a float on their website and use the code: MYFLOAT, you have 20%off, so hurry up!

After this experience, The river Thames sounded like a great idea to us, so we took advantage and walk for 10 minutes. We went afterwards to the hotel room, where the dinner was waiting for us, we had some laugh until felt asleep. The good feeling was all because of this remarkable experience, which, I hope to become more and more popular in the entire world. The potential is huge!

Enjoy the photos me and my husband took and I hope you will all try this for your own.

RO: Vreau sa incep prin a va spune cate ceva despre experienta noastra “plutitoare” la Floatworks. Am fost invitati, atat eu, cat si sotul meu sa le testam serviciile si sa va impartasim cateva lucruri pe care le-am simtit acolo. Noi zicem ca a fost uimitor. Am facut programarea pe sambata seara, in jurul orei 19. Vreau sa punctez ca e un loc care s-a deschis recent, in Londra. 

Dar sa va informez mai intai  despre cum il puteti gasi. Sunt localizati in zona Vauxhall, intr-o arie rezidentiala, aproape de Tamisa. Puteti intra pe site-ul lor: www.floatworks.com si gasiti acolo toate detaliile, inclusiv un numar de telefon la care puteti suna pentru programare. 

Cum ne-am simtit noi? Complet relaxati. Inca de cand am ajuns la receptie, am fost intampinati de un personal foarte prietenos, care impreuna cu unul din proprietari, ne-a explicat tot ce era nevoie sa stim inainte sa fim condusi, fiecare din noi, catre propria lui camera de plutire. Multumesc inca o data pentru cuvintele apreciative cu privire la blog. 

Revenind, camera era dotata cu un tanc imens cu apa incalzita la temperatura pielii (35.5°C), astfel incat, in momentul in care plutesti, nu realizezi care parte a corpului este in apa, si care este in afara ei, cu un dus, sampon, gel de dus, dopuri de urechi, prosoape, scaune, etc. Lumina este una incandescenta, albastra, iar pe fundal se aude muzica chillout.

Pe bune, la ce te poti gandi cand pasesti inauntru? O vacanta la mare, undeva departe, nu-i asa? Honeymoon, please come already!

Imi pun dopurile in urechi, incui usa, intru in tanc, trag capacul, imi asez mainile pe langa corp, inchid ochii, ascult muzica relaxanta si plutesc. Plutesc cu gandul la vara, la vacanta si apoi ma opresc. Imi setez creierul pe stand by si nu ma mai gandesc la nimic. Doar ascult muzica, care la un moment dat nu se mai aude. Lumina o las albastra. Gabi imi spunea ca el a descoperit ca exista mai multe culori din care poti alege. Super tare. Eu am ramas la albastru. Ma relaxeaza. Navighez cu mintea spre un univers paralel, in care actiunea se intampla sub apa. Imi imaginez toate creaturile oceanului in jurul meu, sincronizandu-se si comunicand cu mine. E placut aici. Sunt o mica sirena. Nu vreau sa mai plec. Imi place sentimentul asta in care nu exista timp sau spatiu. Doar eu si mintea mea care acum e mult mai odihnita. Daca stingi lumina, toate celelalte simturi dispar si apare senzatia aia tare, de plutire. Nu am adormit, nici unul din noi, poate pentru ca nu am vrut sa pierdem nicio secunda din experienta asta unica, dar am avut impresia la un moment dat ca creierul si-a dat shut off.

Inainte sa mergem la Floatworks, ne-am acordat o zi intreaga sa ne documentam de  tot ceea ce implica acest proces. Ei va recomanda sa nu beti cafea inainte, sa nu fumati, sa nu mancati foarte mult intrucat toate acestea va pot agita si impiedica sa va bucurati de toate beneficiile.

Tot ce va pot spune e ca merita sa traiesti experienta asta, mai ales daca lucrezi intr-un mediu stresant. Sotul meu e manager de proiect, o pozitie care implica multe responsabilitati si stres. Are nevoie de cate o sedinta de ralaxare, periodic. Iar cei de la Floatworks, ne-au oferit exact oaza aia de liniste.

E atat o experienta de care ne putem bucura noi, femeile, dar si barbatii, deopotriva (mai ales daca acestora le place apa in mod special).

Vreau sa mentionez, desi sunt claustrofoba, nu am avut nicio problema sa fiu inchisa, atata timp cat am lasat lumina pornita. E ca si cum ai fi la solar, doar ca tancurile sunt mult mai mari.

Ce am observat noi dupa sedinta de o ora la acest spa? O imbunatatirea considerabila a calitatii pielii, reducerea acneei (intrucat in apa se gaseau uleiuri si 525 kg de saruri epsom similare celor din Marea Moarta, care sunt foarte bune si pentru muschi).

Printre beneficiile acestei sedinte vreau sa amintesc cateva:

  • elimina oboseala, creste productia de endorfine si imunitatea
  • imbunatateste somnul (am dormit amandoi foarte relaxati pana ziua urmatoare)
  • energizeaza, revitalizeaza
  • diminueaza depresia, anxietatea 
  • stimuleaza sincronizarea stanga-dreapta a creierului
  • creste creativitatea si accelereaza procesul de invatare
  • scade productia de cortizol, ACTH, adrenalina si acid lactic
  • favorizeaza eliminarea durerii (artrita, migrene)
  • imbunatateste circulatia sangvina si distributia oxigenului in organism
  • imbunatateste performantele sportive, ajuta la prevenirea ranilor sportive, accelereaza procesul de vindecare

Cea mai buna parte? In momentul in care am terminat terapia prin plutire, am urcat sus, in camera Hollywood, unde am putut sa folosim uscatorul si placa de par, dupa care ne-am indreptat spre o alta camera care era ca un portal spre o alta lume. Muzica chillout in surdina, ceaiuri relaxante cu nume sugestive, fotolii confortabile, aici era un alt loc unde puteai sa uiti total de grijile cotidiene si sa te desprinzi de lumea agitata care te astepta afara. Magic. Intr-adevar.

Am ajuns amandoi la concluzia ca e o experienta pe care am repeta-o oricand.

Odata iesiti din camera aceea, ne-am indreptat spre Tamisa, si ne-am plimbat pret de cateva minute pe malul ei. De mana. Ne-am dus apoi spre camera de hotel unde am luat cina si am ras incontinuu pana am adormit. Starea de bine a fost in mare parte datorata acestei incredibile experiente, care sper eu sa devina din ce in ce mai populara in intreaga lume. Are un potential foarte mare.

Va las cu cateva poze facute de mine si Gabriel si cu speranta ca veti incerca si voi aceasta fabuloasa experienta.

Pretul unei sesiuni de plutire este de 55 £/persoana, dar au diverse oferte de care puteti beneficia daca doriti mai multe sedinte, aduceti un prieten, etc.

Am si o veste buna pentru voi, daca achizitionati serviciile lor direct de pe site si folositi codul: MYFLOAT , beneficiati de 20% reducere, so hurry up!


































 Disclaimer: We tested the service for free in exchange for our honest review!


2 thoughts on “Float to another dimension|Floatworks

  1. This is crazy interesting. I have heard of sensory deprivation tanks before, but never marketed as a tourist attraction. I think it would freak me out to be inside one of those pods, but I suppose I’d give it a try…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brianna, trust me, it is crazy interesting, indeed. It isn’t scary at all because you are not locked into the tank, you can open the pod at any time or just live it that way. Please if you go, let me know, I would love to hear all about your experience!


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