How to get through a rough morning?|LAVAZZA

‘Having a rough morning? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That`s called purpose. Don`t give up! You`re alive for a reason!’.  

I`ve read this quote Monday morning and instantly thought about writing this blog post.

I also wrote you about the benefits of coffee, here!

I love coffee. It`s my almost everyday fuel. I wake up, drink a cup of coffee and afterwards I`m ready to go! I love to experiment new things in terms of coffee, that`s why I got so excited when I received this samples to try and tell you my opinion.

But let`s just start with the beginning. I`m sure that all of you know something about LAVAZZA. It`s a great brand, that makes extraordinary coffee.

What about LAVAZZA Prontissimo? A true Italian taste experience in just 1 minute.

Yes, indeed. Lavazza Prontissimo! is a premium instant coffee with an authentic Italian taste.

Made using 100% Columbian Arabica beans, it contains micro-granules that yield a full-bodied and rich cup of coffee to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

I`ve been sent the two versions of the new coffee:

Prontissimo! Intenso

Dark roast blend which contains 10% micro-ground coffee.
It is well balanced with notes of roast and caramel.

Prontissimo! Medio

Medium roast blend which contains 20% micro-ground coffee.

The intenso is my choice out of the two, as it has more notes of caramel and slightly sweeter in taste, but the Medio is a close contender.

I have always associated Lavazza with premium coffee, so I was pleased to hear they have launched a instant coffee range.

I truly love this coffee. I used it for my morning latte and it really gave me the cup of joy I need for a fresh morning. It has a smooth and well rounded body.

You can feel it is a very high quality bean from a high quality brand.

Definitely one of the best Lavazza coffees I`ve had, and every cup was great.

So, the taste is brilliant, there’s not much that comes close to it, it manages to be distinctive without being strange or adding loads of unnecessary flavors.

This is, also my go to blend at work. Strong and easy to make. So you get good results from the first time you make it and they are easy results to repeat. It’s like a big Italian prop forward. Rugged, well built and it gives you a very strong push.

We all have our own tastes. But after trying a bunch of supermarket coffee brands I came back to this for a reliable, tasty coffee. I simply find it ‘enjoyable’ and classy.

I love this coffee as it has not got this terrible strong bitter taste.
The smell is just yummy.

Let`s be honest, coffee is important as it gives you the start of the day and has to taste amazing. I am addicted to instant coffee because it is so simple and quick.

For me, perfection is: 2 teaspoons coffee, 1 teaspoon brown sugar, 2/3 mug water and 1/3 cup milk.

Really recommend trying this if you love instant coffee and want one that tastes like Italian comfort and luxury in a mug. As a plus, The Lavazza Prontissimo range is available in all major supermarkets!

Packaging? Nice and fancy. Tall and dark with a foil seal tab inside to help keep the coffee nice and fresh. I always keep the foil tab on slightly as I feel that keeps in some of the freshness but that’s just me. The lid is silver or golden plastic and easy to remove, especially when you’re feeling a little confused from sleep. Exactly what you need when you wake up in the morning (or evening, who knows?). Both of these coffees are well-made, smell and taste great, and most important, stay fresh!

Perfect time to drink the cup of energy? Between 9.30 and 11.30!

For more info go to:

Disclaimer: I received both the Intenso and Medio coffee in exchange for an honest review on the products. All photography and opinions are my own.

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