ENG: Everyone wants to have healthy skin and a fresh, clear complexion. We are born with beautiful skin. Let`s keep it that way!

The story

Sinivalia was founded by a team of women passionate about skin care who literally travelled the world in search of superior skin care ingredients.

Their products took years to perfect and they are based on the very latest scientific and dermatological research.

They are different – and it’s a difference you will FEEL.

It is uniquely formulated from the very best ingredients to hydrate and ‘feed’ the skin. Whatever your skin type, age or gender, there are products in the Sinivalia range to suit your specific needs. And if you prefer your products completely organic and natural – they can help you!

I have waited a few weeks before leaving a review for the products so that I felt comfortable enough to leave an honest review after using for some time to see full effects.

Bentonite Clay Facial Mask

The Sinivalia range is the answer I’ve been looking for a long while, for sure.

FACTS: The mask helps you with acne, blackheads, rosacea, pimples, blemish and it is a great pore minimizer. Reduces wrinkles and age spots and it is great for dry or oily skin. Can be used as a mud bath detox for feet, hair and hands. Sounds like a miracle, right? It is indeed. SINIVALIA harnesses the power of bentonite clay, used for skin care for centuries, to create an exfoliant and moisturizer that boosts collagen, clears pores and revitalizes and smoothes the skin’s healthy glow. With 70+ trace minerals, it also restores and hydrates skin with vital nutrients.

RESULTS: After using this product for several months now as part of my beauty routine (2 times a week) I noticed that my pores are more tightened, my acne is almost gone, my skin looks younger, firmer, smoother and fresher. I`ve also seen less redness on my cheeks, more hydrated skin. I have dry skin with oily T-zone and this product, together with the next 2 helped me balance my entire skin, regulate oil production and dry up blemishes.  As a bonus you get a very nice glow after the very first use.

What to expect: This is pure Bentonite clay powder which is used to make face masks and body wraps. Just mix it with an equal amount of water and apply to your face. Or body. Do expect a tightening sensation as the mask dries, but do not expect to have any irritation. Easy to wash off using warm water (I found a shower was the easiest way to rinse off). Clay should be liberally applied around the face paying particular attention to avoiding the eyes (My preferred time to do a clay mask is just before bedtime, because after that+moisturising+sleep=perfect settle down+overnight regeneration).

Trust me, this is the best alternative to pre-mixed face masks as you can use it to get your very own custom made mask. Great value for money, since you only need a teaspoon per use and you have a big box at your disposal. Highly recommended.

Find it here.

Daily moisturiser natural anti-aging skin care gel

SINIVALIA’s Rose Gel fits into a healthful skin regimen, providing a gentle, natural way to combat environmental hazards and reduce the signs of ageing. The gel has a nice smell of roses and it’s not overly powerful like some strong perfumes. The gel itself is contained in a jar and you can see the nice pink colour of the gel inside.

RESULTS ON MY COMBINATION SKIN: After applying the gel, my face is moisturised straight away and I can notice a calming effect. I just love it!

I can`t live without something that nourishes my skin and I found this vital to get a healthy complexion. I admit, I used wrong moisturisers for my skin for so long, because I thought I have oily skin, when I actually have dry skin with oily T zone and the ingredients ended up irritating my skin. I had my skin analysed by an expert with a special device, and since then I started using the right products.
I really trust this brand since I started using their facial oil.

The delicate formula is quickly absorbed, and has a lightweight texture.
I love the fact that this is a natural product, untouched by harsh chemicals and enriched with essential oils.

As a person with sensitive and prone to dryness skin I always look for good moisturizing creams or lotions. I always pay close attention to the composition of the product because it is really important for me what I apply on my skin and found this to be a great fit for me.
Find the product, here.

Rose Water Toner

Use this as an anti -ageing facial cleanser and moisturiser for dry, oily, sensitive, sun damaged skin and hair. It helps collagen production, minimises acne, blackheads, pimples and pores as well as neck and forehead wrinkles|100 ml.


Cleansing your face of make-up is a must to skin health, particularly for acne-prone skin. Rose Water whisks away impurities and reveals soft, clean skin underneath. It’s also important to tone skin, shrinking enlarged pores and revitalising dull, lifeless skin tone.

I’ve used this cleanser for a long time and I haven’t experienced any dryness at all. I don’t have to use my makeup remover anymore because this product takes it all off. And the smell is heavenly pampering! I love the fact that it does not leave a sticky layer and the ingredients have a natural composition.

Find the Rose Water @Amazon, here.

Also, have a look on their youtube channel, to see more products and ways of using them.

I have 2 prizes for you, worth £100, and each one has:

– Bentonite Clay Facial Mask

– Daily moisturiser natural anti-aging skin care gel

– Rose Water Toner 

How to win them?

1. Like on facebook

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4. The winner will be chosen on the 10th of August and I will record the process, and post it on the blog`s facebook page.

5.You can also follow the instagram account @deliastetco.

So, at the end, both you and the friend you tag will win these amazing prizes.

The giveaway is available world-wide.

RO:  V-am promis cu ceva timp in urma pe facebook ca in momentul in care o sa avem 1000 de like-uri pe pagina blogului o sa organizam un concurs. Am depasit milestone-ul asta si cum putem sarbatori mai bine decat cu un giveaway? Ei bine, vor urma multe asemenea concursuri, iar acesta e doar primul din serie.

Giveaway-ul consta in 2 premii a cate 3 produse fiecare, masca faciala detoxifianta anti imbatranire, gelul hidratant anti-aging care poate fi utilizat zilnic (120ml) si cel mai bun cleanser/toner natural, Rose water (organic)- 100ml.

Valoarea celor 3 produse este de 300 lei si vor fi acordate 2 premii, pentru castigator, si prietenul caruia i-a dat tag in comentariu.

Acum vreau sa va spun cate ceva despre brand si produsele lor. Eu am incercat toate aceste 3 produse si pot sa garantez ca sunt absolut multumita. Am mai lucrat cu ei inainte pentru un review la un facial oil (click here), care, la fel, m-a lasat foarte placut impresionata, motiv pentru care am continuat sa colaboram.

Aici puteti gasi canalul lor de youtube, cu multe alte produse, promotii, si moduri de utilizare.

Ne-am nascut cu o piele frumoasa. De ce sa nu o pastram asa?

O sa va spun pe scurt cate ceva despre fiecare produs si mai apoi despre cum le puteti castiga.

Bentonite Clay Facial Mask

Pentru ce folosim aceasta masca? Eu am folosit-o si m-a ajutat in: ameliorarea calitatii pielii, reducerea cosurilor, a punctelor negre, minimizarea porilor, reducerea ridurile de expresie + efectul ala de blur.

Daily moisturiser natural anti-aging skin care gel

REZULTATE: Dupa ce aplic gelul, pielea este hidratata instant si pot observa un efect de calmare a pielii. Perfect pentru cei cu ten sensibil. I just love it!

Eu nu pot trai fara o crema hidratanta buna, si recunosc, am folosit produse care nu se potriveau tipului meu de ten o perioada indelungata, iar ingredientele din acestea au ajuns sa imi irite tenul, pana cand un expert, cu un device special mi-a facut o analiza amanuntita a fetei. Am descoperit atunci ca am tenul uscat, cu zona T grasa.

Chiar am incredere in brandul asta, inca de cand am facut review-ul pt. uleiul lor pentru fata. 

Formula delicata a gelului e absorbita rapid, si are o textura super usoara. Un produs natural, neatins de chimicalele care nu ajuta deloc tenul. Este imbogatit cu uleiuri esentiale. Yeeey. Pentru mine e important ce produse ajung pe fata mea. Pentru tine, nu?
Poti gasi produsul, aici.

Rose Water Toner

Poti folosi acest toner ca un demachiant si produs de hidratare pentru ten uscat, gras, sensibil, dar si pentru par. I know, right?

Folosesc produsul de ceva vreme si nu am experimentat efecte precum uscarea in exces a tenului. Nici macar nu mai am nevoie de demachiant pentru ca tonerul asta curata tot. Nu lasa un layer lipicios, which I love, ingredientele sunt naturale.

Si acum, ia sa vedem cum facem sa castigi 2 seturi din produsele astea, unul pentru tine si unul pentru cea mai buna prietena a ta.

Cum le castigi?

1. Like pe facebook

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3. Tag 1 prieten in comentariu, astfel incat sa castigati cele 2 seturi de care sa va bucurati impreuna (aici)

4. Castigatorul va fi ales pe data de 10 August. Intreg procesul va fi filmat si va fi postat pe pagina de facebook. 

5. Puteti, de asemenea sa dati follow contului de instagram @deliastetco (optional).












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