The dresslink issue

“I have enough clothes and shoes, I don`t need to go shopping” said no women ever.

The truth is life is not perfect but our outfits can be.

Today`s blog post, as you could guess is about clothes, outfits and the good feeling they can give you while wearing. I love to buy them, and I am obsessed with having new clothes every single week.

A famous quote states: “Dress like you are about to meet your worst enemy”. I completely agree with that. Bring out the best of you, buy breathtaking items and do whatever you want. Go wild, get crazy. Be you. Try more. Never stop. Never stop buying. Be happy. Shopping is the best therapy. I am the living proof.

Don`t you feel you can conquer the world when you are well dressed? I certainly do.

I am sure you know what I`m talking about, clothes are every girl`s dilemma.

We love to buy them and we have nothing to wear all the time. I know, right? It`s magic how clothes disappear. My closet is like Narnia. The more clothes I buy, the less I have to wear. They just… disappear. How? I have no idea.

I have not so recently found a website with amazing clothes at some very affordable prices.

Who does not like online shopping? It`s faster than the normal one and you can do it from the comfort of your sofa. Brilliant, huh?

But let me tell you something about this outfit and its usability. 

Perfect for a walk in the park, for a shopping session (London, in my case) or why not for a music festival (I really love music festivals).

My shopping philosophy is: If you can`t stop thinking of it, buy it.

You have no idea where to start? Try this amazing website


It`s great to have such a stunning virtual place, where you can find starting from clothes, shoes, lingerie, accessories, baby items. Also, their customer service is awesome. I love to work with people who know how to treat the customer. And definitely knows how to do the job. The delivery time is excellent and you can choose the tracking service in order to know the exact place where your products are. 

Because we don`t do fashion. We are fashion! ❤

It`s like having your personal shopping center at your fingertip. Worldwide best price. Guaranteed.

Outfit details: 

Long sleeve V-neck bandage lace blouse, find it -> here 

Sunglasses: Lush by Delia S. collection, find them, here.

Zara high waisted jeans (Oxford Street, London)

Nude Zara backpack (Oxford Street, London)

Burgundy Converse ->

Photography: Gabriel Stetco

Location: our house, Hitchin, UK

















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