Travel with me and dresslink @Alpina Blazna

We recently started a beautiful long term collaboration with, an amazing shopping place which I definitely recommend.  I admit, I missed writing for the blog, but I did not have a second to spare, because I was so busy with my wedding, having all prepared, but thanks God, everything went perfect and exceeded my expectation so, all the time I was not here was worth it.

I know you missed me, and I appreciate all your messages but we are now back in business and we have at least 50 awesome collabs in the nearest future. We will get massive, I promise.

Our team is fastly growing and we have several people who want to be involved in this project. Thank you all, I really appreciate.

But let me tell you a little bit more about this amazing Dresslink website. It`s stunning.

It took me one week to decide what outfits should I choose for the blog post. Why? Because they are all so fancy and cheap. Great quality, and the prices…Oh, the prices are for everyone. Literally. I eventually went for the lace blouse I wanted for ages, but couldn`t find it and for this amazing romper. I love this roper and got only compliments while wearing it. Perfect for summer, it`s so lightweight you almost can`t feel it, but you can also wear it during autumn with a biker leather jacket on top. Marvellous, isn`t it?

I decided to pair the bohemian white silk romper with some nikes because why not?

The day after my wedding, me and my husband decided to go to a fairytale place in Romania, called Valea Blaznei (Alpina Blazna). After one hour of trying clothes I decided for this romper. Chic and efortless outfit.

As soon as we got to Valea Blaznei, we took these beautiful pictures because the lighting was absolutely ireal.

Believe me, for a small amount of money you get all you could wish for.

But don`t trust me, visit and see for yourself. If you`re not satisfied with what they offer, just send me a message.

We have here a little gift for you:

Dresslink coupon code, valid to 28/02/2017

lendy15 == $1 off for purchase $15
lendy19 == $2 off for purchase $19
lendy29 == $3 off for purchase $29

I also want to mention that I love to work with you guys and I can`t wait for our next collaboration, I am sure we can do some great stuff together.

My next blog post will be an outfit post as well, with the last outfit from Dresslink, an amazing blue/turquoise back-laced top which reminds me of the crystal clear waters of Santorini (click here to read more).

So stay tuned.

P.S. I will very soon announce the two giveaway winners worth hundred pounds each, so have a look at the blog facebook page!

Kisses gorgeous people,

I`ve missed you so much ❤






The view from our room was like ❤


















Outfit details: romper: Dresslink

shoes: Nike air max from London, Stratford city

bra: H&M bralette bra



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