Sinivalia Giveaway winner

Welcome back, amazing people!

Today I am going to announce the amazing giveaway winner.

It took me more than expected, but here I am. I am so sorry, but my wedding was my priority and as a result I had the best day of my life (I will soon post some pictures for you to enjoy).

Thank you all for being part of this huge giveaway with fabulous prizes.

As I promised, I filmed the whole process in order for you not to have any doubt.

The prizes:

– Bentonite Clay Facial Mask

– Daily moisturiser natural anti-aging skin care gel

 Rose Water Toner 

If you want to buy them, and you haven`t had the chance to win them, just click on the links above.

I definitely recommend this amazing brand, so check their youtube chanel to find out more.


ANDREEA HAIDUC and her friend Andreea Ile.

Congrats girls!!!! I can`t wait to give you the products and tell me what you think about them.

I promise I will post a photo with the winners and the prizes.

If you want to see the video with the way I used to choose the winner, click here.

 And stay tuned, we have several giveaways for you!

Flowers: Prestige Flowers ❤ 


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