Find the goddess inside you|Gaia Natural Products

As I told you before, I have a dry skin with greasy T zone. It is very difficult to take care of this type of skin, in order not to increase the excess of sebum, or not to over dry your skin.

I found these revolutionary products and my daily care routine is efortless.

Gaia Natural products, you rock!

Let`s start with the Facial Polish soap. To use, gently exfoliate your skin and remove with rose water. Do not wash it off, but take it off with the flower water. Repeat the process if you want extra hydration for your face and decolletage. The thing I love the most, this Palmarosa facial polisher is so gently you can use it daily. I always complete my beauty ritual with a few drops of Gaia Goddess oil. I love to massage it into my skin until fully absorbed.

They also sent me the Gaia kiss tinted lip balm. I love this. It is my everyday, go to work balm. It is an all natural, organic rose tinted lip balm. A base of organic almond lip oil with the most gorgeous rose coloured tint made from beetroot, raspberry and rose absolute essential oil, made for lovely, natural, well cared lips.

The best part of their products: natual ingredients.

Palmarosa Facial Polisher: Cacao butter, rose petal powder, grape seed powder, lavender essential oils. It is GAIA Bathtime`s all-time best seller gentle exfoliating polisher.

The Gaia flower water is perfect to refresh and tone your facial skin. If you have mature and sensitive skin, go for it, you will love it.

Gaia Goddess Oil is a blend of essential oils (rose, patchouli) that will help you nourish and enhance your natural beauty. You will also gain a glowing complexion. Lovely, isn`t it?

The ritual: “Gently exfoliate your skin. Wipe away with flower water on a cotton pad, to refresh and tone. Finish with one drop of goddess oil on the forehead, cheekbone, and chin. Massage gently into the skin. Do not wash it off after exfoliation but gentle wipe away with the flower water. To complete this, finish with a few drops of Gaia Goddess oil.

Find the Goddess kit, here, for only  €57.50.

All the GAIA products are handmade and they can make you a personalized product if you want.

They also have body, facial and hair products from Mediterranean.
















2 thoughts on “Find the goddess inside you|Gaia Natural Products

    1. Trudi, it was a real pleasure to work with you and try your products. Thank you so much for your kind words. The feedback for the blog post was awesome, so I hope I can help spread the word about your brand to the world. Kisses.


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