Top 3 thickening hair products|Nanogen

It`s Friday night, and me and my husband use to go out, order food and drink a San Miguel, or Rekorderlig (cider, me). I just finished my BBQ pork ribs, here @The Angel Valuts Inn(half portion) and ordered a brownie burger as a desert (I love dessert, who doesn`t?). While my husband is leaving me for his friends in the other room (trust me, it took me one hour to convice him I don`t mind) I open the tablet and begin to write. Writing is the way I express myself the best, and is my cure for everything.

But let`s get back to our stuff. I took my time (more than two months to be more specific) to test these products, because guys, the thing I want the most is to be true to you and help you find the best products on the market, and that`s one of them.

” Having thick, healthy, nourished hair makes us feel happy and increases our confidence. But the environment we live in, our age and lifestyle can all have a detrimental effect, resulting in confidence – knocking limp, dull and lifeless hair.

Nanogen’s Thickening Hair Treatment Shampoo is a new type of thickening shampoo for women that volumises, moisturises and plumps hair. Dermatologically tested to care for sensitive scalps and enriched with patented Nanogen growth factors our thickening shampoo provides visibly thicker, and healthier hair from the very first wash.”

The problem: my hair suffered serious damages because I haven`t had a proper haircut for a year now (I was bride in august, and I wanted waves for my long hair- well, didn`t get waves, but still). As you could guess, my hair had dry split ends and no volume. I have to mention that I have straight hair and I dye my hair once a month.

I found this shampoo and I would never leave it. Why? It solves all my problems, that`s why.

I can`t tell you if it`s the shampoo, or the combination with the conditioner and the serum, but the results are fantastic, so you need to buy them all and find out for yourself.

The conditioner (click to see) has hyaluronic acid and helps regenerate the hair fiber. It is awesome. Less split ends and more volume. I would call it a booster. The booster. So if you have thin damaged hair, NANOGEN is the solution, for sure.

But don`t take my word for granted, just go to and see for yourself.

Thank you Nanogen for sending me the products, they changed my life, for sure.

Please, leave me a PM if you want me to tell you more about the ingredients. The best thing is: they can be used by minoxidil users.

Don`t get confused if the products on the website look different from the ones in my photos, they are the same, with a brand new aspect.











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