The quintessential of English customs|Ahmad Tea

About Ahmad Tea: A UK-based family business, drawing on four generations of tea blending and tasting experience.

Ahmad Tea is renowned for the quality of its teas across the globe, and yet remains a family business, true to the vision that founded it.

Four months ago: “I`m sitting here, in my garden, at minus 28 degrees Celsius, thinking what kind of introduction should I do for this article. The snow is all over the place but my cup of tea is still hot.

I`m having one of the best drinks I have ever had. It`s some rosehip, hibiscus and cherry mixture… So tasty, so perfect for the weather.

It may sound crazy but I always link a cup of tea with a memory. Every time I drink it, my brain feels very relaxed and starts blooming about the past.”

Today: Here we go again, talking about guilty pleasures, about treating ourselves…

Do you ever feel tired or want something good to drink and keep you warm? I want to share with you my spring kit survival. Tea.

Well, it`s not just a simple tea, it`s THE BEST TEA ever. AHMAD TEA London will definitely surprise you with its wide variety of flavors. From fruit tea to green tea, black, herbal,contemporary, dessert, cold brew, English breakfast, Earl Grey there is a tea type for everyone. Literally!

But let me share with you my daily tea routine:

  • Morning: a huge cup of black tea (managed to stop drinking coffee)->find it, here
  • Afternoon: a cup of green tea (amazing as a detox, after a winter full of junk food), I love to drink it before going to the gym, it gives me the amount of energy I need and it`s so healthy (I`m obsessed with this raspberry & pomegranate green tea)
  • Evening: Strawberry Sensation, another obsession of mine, while taking a hot bubble bath+a spicy cherry yankee candle and a lush bath bomb (Absolutely heaven, trust me!)

Tip: Add a little bit of milk+brown sugar and enjoy your home-made taste like ice-cream dessert.

And now, why don`t you have a look on their amazing website (so inspiring) at and try one? They also have some amazing tea boxes you can give as a gift to your dear ones. Every time my friends outside England come to visit me and ask me what should they buy as a souvenir for their close ones I always tell them to check the website and they usually fall in love with the brand starting for the packaging. I love the attention to details and you can see the quality of their products starting from the package. Fantastic, indeed. I am a big fan of the brand for a while now and I can say, once you try them, you won`t be able to come back to your ordinary tea.

You can tell I was very happy when they decided to send me the big black fancy box full with their goodies. A dream come true and the pleasure to tell you my opinion about the brand is all mine.

As you may know, here in England, we love tea and we treat it is as a tradition, as a symbol. The 5 o`clock tea is a thing you have to try if you come to England. And the good news are, they made this tradition a tasty experience.

This winter was hard, and Ahmad Tea kept me hot during my Amsterdam trip as well, and for that, thank you!

But there is more, whether it`s winter or summer, they have a selection for every season (I`m a big big fan of the cold brew!), so please have a look here.

I can promise you won`t be able to leave the website without buying at least one beautifully designed double-decker box with an amazing taste buds experience.

Trust me, they rewrote the drinking experience!

See you soon, I really need another cup of their tea now ❤

























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