Top 3 thickening hair products|Nanogen

It`s Friday night, and me and my husband use to go out, order food and drink a San Miguel, or Rekorderlig (cider, me). Continue reading “Top 3 thickening hair products|Nanogen”

The ultimate sky dinning @Sky Garden, London


Darwin Brasserie|Sky Garden, London, UK

It is Friday. And Friday is all about good food, tasty wines, hanging out and great places. A great Friday for me means, first of all, a breath-taking place. Continue reading “The ultimate sky dinning @Sky Garden, London”

The dresslink issue

“I have enough clothes and shoes, I don`t need to go shopping” said no women ever. Continue reading “The dresslink issue”

Float to another dimension|Floatworks

ENG: Hello, beautiful people! This post is all about our surprising floating experience at  The Floatworks. Continue reading “Float to another dimension|Floatworks”

Fancy a journey through Shark infested waters?|London Sealife Aquarium

EN:  It`s February, the 14th and it`s Valentine`s Day, a very special, romantic, full of joy and love day and we decided to do things different, and to celebrate it in our own way. Continue reading “Fancy a journey through Shark infested waters?|London Sealife Aquarium”

London|The place where the accent itself is an aphrodisiac

EN:    London inspires me. I hear ladies in their mid 40`s talking about brands. “You know KIKO? That italian brand? “ Continue reading “London|The place where the accent itself is an aphrodisiac”